Saturday, August 9, 2008

Signs between here and there

1. Along I-80 in Nevada, in the style of Burma Shave:

"A shot of tequila
Cold beer on tap
Good-lookin' 'wimmins'
To sit on your lap
Wild Horse Saloon"


2. "Right lane ends"

(Does that mean you'll be in the wrong lane? Think about it.)

3. In the back window of a truck being pulled by a camper:

"I go where I'm towd"


4. At the entrance to a construction site:

"Do not follow trucks into work site"

(Because ... this was a problem?)

5. Painted on a tractor tire in Nebraska:

"Outlaw Sodomy"

(And... then what?)

5. Advertising on the side of a pickup truck:

"Benny's Escort Service"

(Pilot vehicle and companionship?)

6. Another unfortunately named business:

"Kum & Go"

(Is it a convenience store or a brothel?)

7. A car dealership:

"Ford: Herb Green"

(That's right. Herb. Green.)

8. And, my favorite, courtesy of my hilarious dad (note the name spelling):

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peachesandplums said...

pickup truck? have you really put all this behind you?