Friday, July 3, 2009

Soul kiss

"Vesta La Viesta, Discoverer and
Poet Laureate of the Soul Kiss"
OK, wow again.
My mom showed me some things packed inside an antique trunk in our living room, including my grandfather's grade school notebook (which displayed evidence that racism was actively taught in the public school system) and a pack of postcards (one of which implored a potential guest not to wear out his horse). Also in the trunk, a small box of colorful folded paper napkins collected by my great-grandmother. On each, she had written the dates and events where the napkins were collected, such as family picnics and Thanksgiving dinners. All were from 1908 or 1909 -- photos are below. But an extra surprise: Among the napkins was this yellowed Milwaukee Journal article by Jacob Waldeck. Notable that my great-grandmother chose to clip out and save this article and no others. (I thought my greats were stodgy midwestern farmers, but apparently I come from a long line of kooks.)

NEW YORK, Aug. 9 -- Vesta La Viesta, mystic and cosmologist, after two years of silence, has emerged to unfold to us the wonders of the soul kiss. No such rapture is known to humans in the present state of knowledge, she says.
Asked what it was like, she answered that when you have been properly developed and try on the soul kiss, your whole being responds to a perfect delirium of ecstasy. It is like the fusing of two great forces when responsive souls meet in this exercise.
It may last for hours, but whatever the length of it you do not breathe except cellulary.
What's that?
Why, breathing through the pores of the skin, of course. Education makes it possible.
Another strange feature of the soul kiss is that it is wireless. When you have learned it you can send one to your affinity through mountains and over seas.
The trouble with most people is that the solar plexus is not aroused, and for that reason, they are unable to enter the higher spheres. La Viesta's mission, in addition to teaching the occult, is to develop the solar plexus much as the mind is improved.
La Viesta was taught the soul kiss by her affinity on the planet Neptune.

The article also included a poem of standard Victorian flourish and sentiment. For more on Vesta La Viesta, including her trip to Mars, click here.

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