Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just found out that my school’s literary journal, the Pitkin Review will publish one of my previous 3WW stories, "Death," in its Fall 2009 issue. Here's another story for Three Word Wednesday using the words eclipse, languish and velocity.

Their relationship progressed with the velocity of a rockslide and was just as destructive. They met like most do, unsuspecting, so it was easy to conclude that fate had joined them and then suddenly their everyday lives were eclipsed by their desire for each other. In the quiet times they feared the passion languished and one of them would invent a reason to accuse the other, loudly and punctuated by thrown objects, that their love had died. Such encounters guaranteed that nothing else would occupy their thoughts until the next time they came together, sorry.


ThomG said...

Simply wonderful.

Radio Nowhere said...

You've been peeking in my journals, haven't you? :-)

Thankfully, I no longer act or live like that. But, I remember it well.

Wonderfully done and congratulations on your upcoming publication. That is such a sweet feeling!

Tumblewords: said...

Congratulations on your 'publishment'! Nifty tale here - reminds me more than a little of truth... :)

~ kjb said...

Nikko, so good. Keep it up.