Monday, September 20, 2010

Hard habit to break

I finally replaced my missing library card (An exhaustive search turned up only my California card – the one picturing the adorable rodent Dewey Decimole. Get it? Deci-mole.) And then of course I found my local card in my wallet. Duh.
I take after my dad, who tends to purchase books, rather than my mom, who is a checker-outer. Even after I became a full-time student I got by with used books, gift cards and the occasional bag sale. (Or dumpster diving foray.) Once in a while I even said #!%* it, I want the new book. But necessity has made the public library long overdue. (Get it? Overdue.)
Hard to say no to free books.
It’s just so hard to give them back.


Jonas said...

Please don't be one of those people who owes the library thousands of dollars in late fees because you forgot to return the book.

Purple Houses said...

It's not like they could collect it...