Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nine-digit nincompoopery

Dear Scam-Artist-Telemarketers:
 I happened to have my ringer on this morning because I'm waiting for an important call from someone I care about. Yet you insist on barraging me (at this very second, by the way) with continuous calls from various nine-digit numbers or from numbers with area codes that don't exist. I haven't picked up because I know you are not someone I want to talk to. I'll tell you what I have done, however is I've filed a complaint with the FCC. I'm already writing, editing, emailing, tweeting, hooting, facebooking, blogging, planning, working, calling, negotiating, texting, juggling, scheduling, dancing, cleaning, organizing, struggling, visiting, driving, listening, talking, teaching, reading and whatever-else-ing. I just don't have time to %*#$ around with this $#!^. Neither does anyone else. I realize my efforts are likely futile, but it makes me feel better to know that the feds know about you. Enjoy your day.


Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

Good for you! Are you sure it wasn't a PAC though? I got a call from one at the Copper Rock North while Wade was there and I am sure he was surprised I knew such colorful language!

Purple Houses said...

:D Awesome. Magic 8 Ball says no.