Saturday, May 31, 2008

The future is now

The trouble with writing science fiction is sometimes the future catches up with you. Not too long ago I wrote a dialogue between two characters who were bitching about the price of gas hitting $3 a gallon. Oh, hah hah hah hah hah! I crack myself up sometimes.
I'm posting this about a half an hour after I took the picture because tomorrow, who knows.


Jered said...

Our daughter turned 1 in February. We have a picture by her birthday greeting on the marquee at Jindra's 76 (Cypress/Bechelli).

The date: 2/12/08
Regular unleaded (recalling that Jindra's is usually a bit higher than the cheapest in town): $3.259

Someone said "when she grows up, you'll say 'remember when gas was only three twenty-five a gallon?'"

I guess she's grown up already.

Purple Houses said...

Makes you wonder what the price will be when she's in high school.