Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is that the sun? It's so pretty

Since I'm usually either at my sunless workplace listening to mayhem on the scanners or in my dark, messy apartment studying apocalypses (no manifestoes yet, but I've got plenty of canned goods) I figured it's good to make a point of getting out at least once a week.

Better late than never: Last Saturday (April 26) I stopped at the Whole Earth Festival in Redding, CA to hear the Jim Dyar Band play. Jim and his wife, Candace, are on a artistic journey of their own -- Jim recently quit his day job and is now on a full-time creative junket. My good friends keep a blog about their experiences here.

Also at the Whole Earth Festival -- the Save Darfur folks had canvas tents set up for painting and I added a flower. The Village Schoolhouse toy store showed kids how to make solar s'mores.

The manifesto antidote: Sun, music, painting, s'mores.

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