Friday, October 10, 2008

Six random things

Last month I was tagged by my friend over at Greg's Plate to tell you six random things about me and then tag some other bloggers. Well, better late than "Screw you! I'm not doing it!" So here goes.

1. I've never lived in a purple house, but my grandmother had a purple kitchen and her house was surrounded by lilacs.

2. Once when I was a kid and my family and I were vacationing on a lake I noticed a group of boys chasing a snake down the beach. I thought they were trying to catch the snake, so being the helpful little girl I was, I ran ahead of them, grabbed the snake and said "Here!" which caused the boys to scream and run in the other direction. A scene which has repeated itself since in one form or another.

3. I've been to Paris, Cairo, and Samarkand. (Why yes, I do think I'm something special.)

4. I spent last Friday night watching "Gidget" with my parents. (Proving once again that cool is ephemeral.)

5. I once modeled for a snowmobile suit catalog. (I rest my case.)

6. My first car was a truck. The paint peeled off in patches and it started rusting where the paint used to be. So I had a blue, silver and rust-colored truck. Then pieces of it started falling off -- one of the back panels, part of the floorboard. When it rained my feet got wet. I'm driving a truck again but it's in much better condition.

Let's see... I'll tag Nita, Candace, Constance,
Christina, Teri, and Jakob.

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