Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nancy runs the bookmobile

Here's a little fiction for 3WW inspired by a book I found today on the free table at the library. (Apologies to Enid Johnson.) The words are corpse, damage and knife.

Nancy runs the bookmobile.

Drive, Nancy, drive.

Nancy feels a little woozy from her date with Fred last night. Fred makes very strong highballs.

Bad, Fred, bad.

Nancy is distracted. Did she sleep with Fred or not? Nancy is so distracted that she fails to notice the pedestrian in the walkway.

Oh, no, Nancy!

The bookmobile goes thump.

Nancy stops the bookmobile quickly. A copy of "Curious George Visits a Police Station" tumbles to the floor.

Nancy gets out and checks the bookmobile for damage. The library doesn't know that Nancy forgot to pay her insurance bill.

Nancy sees that the pedestrian is now a corpse. Do you know what corpse means? Nancy does.

Nancy is relieved that she is on a rural road and no one has seen her hit the pedestrian with the bookmobile.

Nancy grabs the corpse by its feet, drags it into the bookmobile and closes the door.

Nancy drives. She is lucky she knows this area. She knows where to find good places to hide things. What do you think Nancy will hide today?

Nancy turns the bookmobile down a gravel road. She stops in a place that has many trees and lots of soft, loose soil.

Nancy opens the bookmobile door and drags the corpse into the woods. She forgot her purse. Nancy returns to the bookmobile for her purse and opens it. She finds the big hunting knife she keeps in her purse for protection.

Nancy uses the knife to dig a shallow grave.

Dig, Nancy, dig!

Nancy goes through the corpse's pockets before dragging him into the shallow grave. The credit cards are useless to her but she pockets the thirty-nine bucks and some-odd change the corpse had in his pockets. Nancy thinks it's too bad she killed the pedestrian because he is better looking than Fred.

Nancy kicks some dirt and leaves over the corpse and returns to the bookmobile. The library will wonder where the bookmobile has gone!

Drive, Nancy, drive.


ThomG said...

WICKED! I loved this. Great idea. Great execution.

~willow~ said...

wicked is right! I totally loved this :) Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman come to mind, tongue-in-cheek dark humor.

gautami tripathy said...

I loved it!

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