Monday, January 26, 2009

Believe it or not

So, I found an old roll of film (Yes, a roll of film. Remember those?) in my 35mm camera and I couldn’t remember what was on it. Turns out they were photos from my first grad school residency up at Ft. Worden last February. Rumors abound that the place is haunted and there are Web sites showing photographs of “ghosts” and “orbs.” Check out the “man in blue.”

So then there’s this.

This isn’t from the Fort, but neighboring Port Townsend, WA. Notice the reflection on the water and how it comes in front of the rocks at the bottom. And how it’s weirdly reflected on the boats behind it. And the little balls of light near the rocks. Paranormal enthusiasts might enjoy a field day with this one, but I’ll vote that it’s a problem with the developing process, especially since the film was a little old.

Makes me sleep better.

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