Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here's another short for 3WW. The words are fondle, kick and sumptuous.

Bits and pieces of dream lingered like morsels of forgotten feasts. An unknown beast. Doorways.

Awakening was like standing on a dock at dawn, the dream boxed in an underwater crate attached to a thick rope, the kind she could never climb. Whenever she managed to retrieve the crate and break it open its contents flooded her like a treasure from the otherworld.

Fondling strange ears. Wariness and fascination. The hairless tiger chased her and shot pieces of claw like throwing stars that glowed when they struck locked doors that kicked open to endless stairways and empty rooms. The tiger broke apart into doves that filled the air in sumptuous flurry. A snowstorm on a mountaintop.

A secret gift.


MichaelO said...

"Bits and pieces of dream lingered like morsels of forgotten feasts."

That sentence really sets the table for your bounty of fantastic images! Pun intended, of course. That would make a wonderful animation. Nicely done.

Sweetest in the Gale said...

This was magical, and had such captured the strange vividness of dreams in a wonderful way!

ThomG said...

This is so good on so many levels. something, I think, that's a little different from your other work. And I like it.

Just someone said...

Dreams are that way, aren't they? you put it so well!

A nice read!

Angel said...

What a lovely piece. Love the images.

Anonymous said...

effing BRILLIANT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such visuals! This is Excellent.

Tim Remp said...

Wonderful read. Too true.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Purple Houses,

This is fantastic.

As MichaelO notes, that first sets the mood for the piece. And then you descend (ascend?) into dream time. Even the grammar becomes diaphanous. Clipped. Fragmentary. Dream like.

And, thus, the first paragraph plunges this reader into a happy REM state with images sliding and slicking and bursting around us.

I really, really enjoyed this.

I cannot believe it has taken me a whole week to go visiting all the 3WW sites. This is a treasure. Well done, Purple Houses, well done.