Friday, January 22, 2010

Anybody can get in

Had so much fun with the first TV-fragment poem so here's another:

Here’s a quick check on what’s happening
You may not be seeing the whole picture
So many things are happening
There’s a synchronicity going on here tonight
Nothing written, nothing planned
It’s time to stop hesitating
They’re watching and they’ve got signs
She studied them while they were studying her
You’ll be looking in her eyes
What you’ve given us is hope
You’ve got to know the difference
You need a cool head
Anybody can get in
Who can afford one? Well, now you can!
You’ve certainly made this look easy
But some feel we lost something
Inspector Clay’s grave! But he ain’t in it!
Having mechanical errors here
They can see the two survivors on the floor next to the counter
The flesh was cut with a scalpel but the bone was cut with a high-speed saw
Don’t throw it away; protect it in the freezer
Restoring this is quite a hobby
Or you can just let that patient die; that’s completely up to you
You’ve got to be crazy
Just so you know I find your lack of puritan modesty very refreshing
Give me back my syringe
Get out in your area
They oughta get these birds and put ‘em to death; the sooner the better
I love the show
Oh, I don’t like that
Life goes on
I wrote that

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Jonas said...

That's amazing. Very creative. I'm glad that you picked up on that.