Thursday, January 7, 2010

The art of conversation

Here's a belated story for 3WW. The words are drain, epic and nibble.

One person says something. Maybe it’s important, maybe it’s not.
There’s a five-second pause. The sound is traveling through space and time, traversing generations. The words are churned and processed and ultimately accepted or rejected or held in limbo awaiting more information.
Words repeated lose momentum. People talk underwater. Thoughts drown with the weight of misperception. Lifelines are thrown but rarely caught. Epic ideas dissolve. More things go unsaid. Drained by the effort of explanation.
A spilled glass of wine become every mistake, every failure.
No one bites, only nibbles.


Anonymous said...

"No one bites, only nibbles."

Heh. Liked that.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Wow. So much said in so little space.

And - I am new to 3WW and I would love to live in a purple house. I have a purple room and even that causes a stir... amongst the right people especially.

Pia Savage said...

Repeated words do lose momentum except if used for emphasis. Very interesting take
misperception is I think one of the biggest problems in life


ThomG said...

so powerful, but so bittersweet.

Dee Martin said...

I knew someone who used to go to an Ice Cream store that boasted 48 flavors. She always ordered vanilla. This made me think of that.