Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Another TV fragment poem. This time I combined two sessions of channel flipping.

I’m the guy with nothing to lose
I’m selling you a car that I know is faulty
If a business venture falls through we simply move on to the next one
The safest thing to do is remove it before the infection spreads
Big bank CEOs are admitting to screwing up
Leave your money at home
Is there a problem officer?
Is my cable TV tax deductable?
I can feel my stomach sucking up against my spine
I really care about you
She plays up the folksy image but she can be tough as nails if she needs to be
Purchase your tickets to win your $35,000 dream wedding
Looks like it’s another great room ready for the showhouse tour
What we mistakenly call our thoughts, our dreams, have actually been put there by a system
What do you want?
We’re all missing those contributing factors
Must be here someplace
Well, what about you?
Isn’t he getting any better, doctor?
It was a setup, a setup, I tell you!

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