Friday, January 14, 2011

Caught on film

Been on a weird organizing kick, so unlike me. Part of it's been pulling photos out of boxes and making albums, an activity I enjoyed once but gave up and now have reclaimed with an odd fervor. A relative suggested I'm categorizing my life. Maybe I'm trying to make sense of the journey. One thing occurred to me clearly while picking through the images: I spent way too much time being unhappy. It's easier to see now with a little distance but I see it in my face and I looked older when I was younger. Spent too much time trying to get there instead of just being there. Common trap. I still get caught sometimes but less often. I see it in my face.


Jon said...

Hey far-flung friend,

Your post hit close to home. I received a new printer/scanner for Christmas so I've been digging through old prints and scanning them. It is true, you can see/learn a lot about yourself looking at pictures from the past.

I think I may have been happier in the past, yet didn't really know I was at the time--probably hung up on where I was going rather than considering where I was.

Dang photos anyway :)

Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

You are learning to live unconditionally. No "if only," "I'll be happy when", just taking the moment for what it is.

It takes a bit of living to discover what is important.