Wednesday, January 5, 2011


New year passed without much hoopla, partially because my goals remain the same. Or the same, only more. Continuation, pursuit, artistry. Make a connection, try something new, do something better.

A friend's Christmas card told of an artist residency; now I'm applying for my own. Which is why artists need to hang out -- we motivate and inspire simply by example. Keeping the creative energy in motion. Motion leads to momentum.

Heard back from owl-delivery agent, who suggested revisions. So it's not a no. In the mean time another wants to see the book. So that's good too.



ThomG said...

Am looking at writer residency programs, but I must say, NYC has been such a rush. Maybe I'll stay here another year. But you are right, we creatives need constant inputs.

Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

This week, I published an e-book. I don't imagine I'll sell many downloads but it is an enormous achievement for someone approaching her 67th birthday. I think I am prouder that I managed to go through the technical stuff than I am about the book.

You are right, only other writers can appreciate what we all go through.