Sunday, November 11, 2012

Super incredible holiday blog tour dates announced!

See caption below*
Purple Houses has been invited to participate in the Holiday Blog Tour 2012, a virtual Round Robin made up of writers and other artist-types, organized by the fantabulous Icess Fernandez (see Dec. 24). I've added all of these creative souls to the blogroll at the right; be sure to check them out. The tour happens to consist of all female bloggers this year. I know some of these great women and am looking forward to getting to know the rest. Here's the schedule:

December 7: Jasmine Clemente
December 8: Gwendolyn Jerris
December 9: Nathasha Alvarez
December 10: Regina Tingle
December 11: Caridad Pineiro
December 12: Teresa Carbajal Ravet
December 13: Natasha Oliver
December 14: Stephanie Dorman
December 15: Karen La Beau
December 16: Annette Santos
December 17: Zoraida Cordova
December 18: Kristy Harding
December 19: Nikki Kallio (Purple Houses, woot!)
December 20: Sujeiry Gonzalez
December 21: Samantha Kolber
December 22: Thelma T. Reyna
December 23: Julia Amante
December 24: Icess Fernandez

 *Our family's traditional Christmas cookie, the snowman. My grandfather fashioned the cookie cutter out of sheet metal; there is only one like it in the world. Much like the cyclops variation, which has been long since devoured.

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Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

Great idea! Next year you should add Wade who has a great writer's blog...and then you would have a male in your midst.