Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Could we just ... not?

This Yahoo article about Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe dealing with criticism about her weight just makes me crazy. Could we just please, please stop commenting on women's bodies being too large, too small, too whatever? I cringe every time a late-night talk show host recycles yet another joke about Kirstie Alley or Nicole Ritchie (or sometimes both within the same joke). It's ridiculous, pointless, cruel, childish and sexist. Let's grow up and move the f@*# on.

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Lord Fancourt said...

So you see nothing wrong with abusing your own body to the point of gross obesity? Being 200 pounds overweight is not a good thing no matter how you look at it. She's a smart person, a good actress. But she has no idea how to properly feed herself. Advertising, franchise restaurants and society in general are definitely to blame, but she needs to use that smart brain and apply it to human physiology. It really is a simple thing. Why do so many people comment about her excess weight? Because it's grossly unnatural and painful to behold. Just say no to McD's and all the reat and start eating real, fresh, living food.