Monday, March 1, 2010

Creature from the fictional lagoon

Filled out my forms at the eye doctor a while ago and put 'writer' as my occupation. (I've put myself in this mindset now, income be damned.)

Didn't think much about it but then the assistant got a hold of my forms.

Her: "You're a WRITER?!"

Me: "Um, yes."

Her: (Pause) "I never met a WRITER before."

She could've exchanged 'writer' for 'swamp monster.'



Jonas said...

You can add "starving" before "writer." Then you'll become a fearsome creature.

PechaKuchaRedding said...

Are you available ever to present some of you purple ideas at a new event coming to Downtown Redding? Or are you too far out East in the Midwest?
Larry Harris