Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Done-o-wrimo, day (minus) five

Here's my Nanowrimo wrap-up: Word count, 82,808 on my existing manuscript, lots of editing/rewrites done. This was a great month to keep on track, and I've broken through the place that was hanging me up a bit. A stuck place often means you want the novel to go in a certain direction but the novel wants to go in another. You have to listen to the novel. The novel is in charge.

The total word count for all Nanowrimo participants was 3,288,976,325.

Next year -- gonna try a genuine Nano & write 50K from scratch. How about you?

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Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

Depends. I assume Wade and I will be doing another collection of short stories, plus I want to finish two other collections, the love stories and the depressing Christmas stories. I have to finish up the novel -- almost there (3 chapters to edit yet), and re-do the novel presently at under another name. If I get all that out of the way, yes, I will do another NaNoWriMo.