Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Blog Tour starts today!

Hey, the great Holiday Blog Tour starts today! Some changes in the lineup from my earlier announcement (and we have a man now!) Check out these great artists, poets and writers as they post new work:

December 7: Lupe Mendez
December 8: Gwendolyn Jerris
December 9: Natasha Oliver
December 10: Regina Tingle
December 11: Caridad Pineiro
December 12: Teresa Carbajal Ravet
December 13: Nathasha Alvarez
December 14: Stephanie Dorman
December 15: Karen La Beau
December 16: Annette Santos
December 17: Zoraida Cordova
December 18: Kristy Harding
December 19: Nikki Kallio (Purple Houses, woot!)
December 20: Sujeiry Gonzalez
December 21: Samantha Kolber
December 22: Thelma T. Reyna
December 23: Julia Amante
December 24: Icess Fernandez


Colleen Sutherland, storyteller said...

Thanks for posting this. I wonder if the editor would be interested in one of my Christmas stories next year...or are they all supposed to be uplifting?

Purple Houses said...

Hi Colleen, Icess (see last stop on tour) is the organizer extraordinaire. You should send your link to her. There are no requirements to be uplifting, so this may be right up your alley. :) Mine too.